Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a scout?
Scouting is for everyone. Troop 30 includes kids sixth grade through high school, from Watertown, Allston and Brighton. While there are adult leaders supporting the Troop, this organization is led by the scouts themselves.

Wait, what’s this BSA Scouts thing?
Back in the old days, our Congressional Charter called us Boy Scouts of America. Now that scouts include all children, we call ourselves BSA Scouts.

Are girls part of your troop?
Girls are an important part of our troop. Scouts who identify as female are welcome! We accept all kids age 11-17, no matter their gender, race, religion, sexual preference or identity.

Is scouting a big deal in Watertown?
BSA Troop 30 celebrated 100 years of scouting in Watertown in 2018. We run the largest food drive in town for the Watertown Food Pantry. We have the support of a number of civic organizations, and we work with Pack 30, which is the local Cub Scouting organization of our little brothers and sisters.

How do you become a scout?
Scouts, with a parent or guardian, fill out an application. The fee for the year is currently $150.

When do scouts meet?
Scouts meet at 80 Mt. Auburn Street, Watertown, on Thursday evenings.  (During times of COVID restrictions we meet on the lawn, in masks.)

Can I be a scout if I don’t belong to the church where you meet?
Yes! Part of the Scout Law notes a scout is reverent, but Troop 30 does not belong to a religious order. There are Jewish Scouts, Christian Scouts, Islamic Scouts, non-denominational Scouts … and they all work together.

What do I get to do as a scout?
Troop 30 has an outdoor activity at least once a month, camping and hiking, camping and canoeing, camping and sitting by the fire, and sometimes camping and building a catapult to launch pumpkins into fields. Scouts pitch tents and cook meals without their parents, although parents are welcome to join the troop outings. Scouts also get the opportunity to learn life skills they’ll teach to other scouts, and if they choose, move up in rank from Scout to Eagle.

cropped-35431149_842440389282557_3721445976364285952_n1.jpgWhat about badges?
You don’t have to earn badges to be part of Troop 30, but they’re pretty cool. You can gain skills in everything from archaeology to wood carving, and get a badge for it. There are 21 you earn to become an Eagle Scout.

Parents, this is a low-stress way to introduce your child to a number of new skills and fields of study. The soft skills — learning through research, reporting out information learned, following instructions, working in a group or alone — will pay off when it comes to high school and college papers. There are scouts who are introduced to their ultimate profession through earning a merit badge.

What’s an Eagle Scout?
Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable in the BSA Scouting program. It’s a lot of work, involves learning a lot of skills, learning to be a leader and completing a major public service project, and is an honor a scout can carry for the rest of his or her life — yes, female scouts have and can become Eagle Scouts.

How do I find out more? 
Drop by a meeting Thursdays at 80 Mt. Auburn Street and meet some actual scouts. You can also email us at