Troop 30 comes in second place in Klondike Derby

Troop 30’s Baconator Patrol earned second place among all patrols competing in the Sons of Liberty and Flintlock Districts Klondike Derby, billed as the Polar Bear Challenge, held at New England Base Camp in Milton, Massachusetts.

Troop 30, joined by Webelos scouts from Pack 30, competed as the Baconators Patrol, winning outright the log-sawing/wood splitting competition, and the A-frame competition.

Scouts competed in orienteering, tomahawk throwing, tent set-up and fire building, among other skills.

During the A-frame building competition, patrols were instructed to tie three branches together to form an A-frame, and then use it to carry a scout for a number of yards. Where some patrols took five, six or seven minutes to build the frame and carry a scout with it, Baconators did it in under two minutes, choosing to carry a Webelos scout across the line.

Scouts camped overnight in the Blue Hills and then competed in the Klondike race — where one Webelos Scout rode in the cart, and other scouts pushed-pulled-ran the course through Base Camp.

Given their overall performance, scores for being prepared at trail-in inspection, Troop 30’s Baconators won second place overall, beating out a number of much larger troops from all over the Greater Boston area.

Troop 30 camps once a month during the school year, and travels once during the summer for a week-long camping trip at a certified BSA camp. Boys and girls who have completed fifth grade are welcome to join us. Contact us at for details.

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