Troop 30 not slowing down this summer

Just because the troop doesn’t meet every week in the summer, don’t think there aren’t scouting things going on. Just a few activities in July:

  • Summer camp at T.L Storer has seen lots of swimming, zip lines, shooting and lots and lots of work on badges.
  • Cleanup at our sponsoring organization, the Watertown-Belmont United Methodist Church.
  • Beach cleanups as scouts get in some service hours while on vacation.
  • Lots more work on badges. Citizenship in the Nation and Communication are two Eagle-required badges with a lot of book work scouts are finishing up over the summer.

Looking for more up-to-date info? We update our facebook page regularly, and we’ll be having our first meeting of the academic year Sept. 5, 2019 at 80 Mt. Auburn Street. If you’ve completed 5th grade, you’re not yet 18, and you are looking for adventure in Watertown, Allston or Brighton, we’d love to hear from you.

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