Boys and Girls cross over from Cub Scouts to join Troop 30

It was a chilly evening, but the Webelos of Pack 30 were prepared. Armed with knowledge of the Scout Oath and Law, the Outdoor Code, and wearing face masks, scouts from Pack 30 crossed over to BSA Scouts.

Proudly, Troop 30 has become ready for them. We are now calling ourselves BSA Scouts, as we accept scouts of any gender. Our youth leaders have trained to make sure they have the skills to teach younger scouts how to tie knots, set up tents, cook on camp stoves and play steal the bacon. We have male and female leaders who have trained in both scout leadership and mentoring youth to support the troop, and best of all, we have new scouts ready to learn.

For more information on how your child can join scouting, contact us

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