Scouts collect food for Watertown Food Pantry March 20

The 2.5 tons of food collected by scouts in November has gone to meet an unprecedented need in our community, so scouts are asking you again to help.
March 20, 12:30-3, scouts are collecting shelf-stable food items for the Watertown Food Pantry at 80 Mt. Auburn Street. 

Scouting for Food has become a tradition for Scouts in Watertown. Both Troop 30 (age 10-17) and Pack 30 (age 5-10) scouts have made the food drive part of their Thanksgiving tradition, collecting enough food that it’s measured in tons. With the need so great in our community this year, Watertown Food Pantry Director Kathleen Cunningham made the unusual request for a second drive this year.

Scouts are stepping up to the challenge, and will be on hand at 80 Mt. Auburn Street to collect groceries from the driveway of the church. 

For those who need a contactless option, scouts are also flyering their own neighborhoods. On the morning of the drive, they will pick up cans and boxes from doorsteps around Watertown to get them to the Watertown Food Pantry. 

What’s appropriate for the food pantry? Brand name canned and boxed items are always needed. The most popular item is instant rice, followed by soups. Federal food programs do not subsidize hygiene items like toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo, so finding those at the Watertown Food Pantry can be a bonus for its clients. 
Whatever you can offer will go directly to the Watertown families serviced by the food pantry.

Didn’t get a flyer from a scout? Make sure scouts will come to you. Contact to arrange a pickup of items for the Watertown Food Pantry.

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